"A community needs a soul if it is to become a true home for human beings. You, the people must give it this soul"

Lohanas are an Indo-Aryan ethnic group and are an urban Hindu mercantile community of India. In India, they mainly reside in Gujarat, Mumbai and other parts of the country. They have also spread to all parts of the world.


                       Shri Ram Bhagvan and Sita mata are our isht dev. We were referred as Raghuvanshi Kshatriya. We originally belong to Ayodhya. Our ancestors in their times, resided on the banks of the river Ganga, Yamuna and Sarayu. From thereon they acquired land parcels till the river banks for habitation. When foreigners invaded India, Raghuvanshi Kshatriya shifted to Punjab to protect our nation.

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                       The Shahbad area used to be called as lahore, where we had the famous lohargarh fort. Lohar Kshatriya used to be the rulers there. Lohar Kshatriya are also recongnized as Loha Khatra in the local language. They are also called as Raghuvanshi or Ramda Potra. Today also, kshatriya residing in that area are called by the same name.

                       Standing as security guard at the gate of India were generations of the ayodhya residing raghuvanshis. While protecting India from attacks of Hoon jati, Raghuvanshis residing in Punjab extended till Afghanistan.

                       When in the 11th century Mangolian Shah Temujin also known as Genghis Khan attacked India, Veerdada Jasraj was the king of Lohargarh. Along with his army he fought the world conqueror Genghis Khan and he fought a dangerous war in the fort of Multan, where Genghis Khan died;

                       After Veerdada Jasraj's death, the unity broke in the lohar kshatriya. For the power, there were lot of fragmentation which happened within the community. Lohar kshatriya became weak, ue to whcih they lost lohargarh. For long time, lohar kshatriya fought guerrilla wars - for which a saying came into being 'loharaneji lajj rahi vau un pahadionse'

                       Due to the mountains, lohar kshatriya saved their respect; which also became a famous gujrati saying 'lohanani laaj raakhi dhan mata dungri'. They could save their stuff owing to mountains.

                       Then gradually from the border, lohar kshatriya shifted to Sindh. Sindh's Narayan Fort's Raja Dahir was a raghuvanshi.

                       After a long time, due to differences between two brothers Dhodho and Anesar, Sindh was attacked by Badsha Saluddin. Shah killed everyone. That time lot of Lohar kshatriya bidded bye to Sindh. After that due to Mir Klodiana's religious high handedness; lot of Lohar kshatriya shifted to Kathiawad and took to farming and trading.